Sports Mouthguards

Wearing a custom mouthguard during sports helps prevent injury to both your teeth and gums.

Custom sport mouthguard Leesburg VA

Need a mouthguard? Get a personalized, custom mouthguard with us at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for the utmost protection and comfort when playing contact sports.

All types of contact sports—sports where physical contact happens—have the potential to cause injury to your teeth and gums. From broken teeth to cut gums, oral injuries during sports are all too common.

Whether you enjoy playing sports or your children are on a sports team, wearing a mouthguard is a must. Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers custom-made sports mouthguards to ensure comfortable, effective protection against oral injuries from contact sports.

Sports That Require a Mouthguard

Not all sports require a mouthguard, but many do, especially if your child plays sports on a team. And if you or your child wear braces, wearing a mouthguard is essential to preventing damage to orthodontia as well as your teeth and gums during sports.

Generally, anytime you’re playing a contact sport, wearing a mouthguard is smart. Contact sports include:

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Martial Arts
  • Wrestling

Even basketball, lacrosse, and soccer can be considered contact sports—although bodily contact isn’t necessary to the game, it often happens. 

Injuries That Mouthguards Can Prevent

When wearing a mouthguard during sports, you help prevent injury to both your teeth and gums and help prevent a dental emergency. Sports mouthguards can prevent broken, chipped, and cracked teeth, as well as cut gum tissue. Some of these injuries can result in permanent damage to the teeth.

In severe cases, mouthguards can prevent knocked-out teeth or potentially even jaw injuries that can require surgery. There’s even evidence that wearing a mouthguard during sports can help absorb an impact that would otherwise lead to a concussion!

Why Go Custom?

Although custom mouthguards tend to be more expensive than the ones you can buy at your local sports store, they’re well worth the extra cost for a few important reasons.

  1. Custom mouthguards are made to fit your unique smile, meaning they’ll be comfortable and easy to wear during your sports games or practices.
  2. Store-bought mouthguards are often too bulky for children and adults alike. These mouthguards can impede sports performance, or worse, make breathing difficult.
  3. The protection custom mouthguards offer is superior, as they’re made to protect your specific smile, which helps to cushion each tooth from an impact.
  4. Custom mouthguards tend to last longer than the ones you buy over-the-counter, and their custom fit ensures proper wear over time.

Often, children who have store-bought mouthguards will avoid wearing them, on account of the fact that they’re uncomfortable and can impede breathing. Choosing a custom-made mouthguard ensures a perfect fit every time!

Get Fitted for a Mouthguard Today!

Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers mouthguards for both adults and children to ensure protection for smiles from contact sports. Contact us to make an appointment to get fitted for a custom mouthguard today—call us at (703) 831-3952!

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