Restorative Dentistry

It’s Important to Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Natural Looking for a Lifetime

It’s Important to Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Natural Looking for a Lifetime

With proper oral hygiene and a bit of good luck, some people can keep their natural teeth for their entire lives. But when that doesn’t happen, it is still possible to have complete function dentition and a healthy mouth with restorative dentistry. Restorative services at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry include procedures that repair damaged teeth or replace teeth that have been lost.

Dental Restorations Can Provide the Smile Your Want and Deserve

Dr. Whitman provides a one on one consultation with each patient to discuss treatment options, and to explain the differences offered by dental restorations, which may include dental implants, dentures, crowns or bridges. Your treatment plan will look to address the appearance and function of your teeth, jaw and mouth, and provide benefits for both your long-term oral health and your self-confidence, as a beautiful natural looking smile makes a great impression.

“I can’t believe how great my smile turned out with Dr. Whitman’s help! It’s been years since I’ve had the confidence to show my teeth like this. Thank you so much to Dr. Whitman and her team for all the work they did!”

— Georgia, Hamilton, VA

Before having her smile restored at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Georgia was missing several of her natural teeth. She also had silver amalgam fillings that were in need of repairs. During her appointment with Dr. Whitman, they discussed Georgia’s goals for her smile.

“Obviously, I needed some way to replace the missing teeth. I also didn’t want my metal fillings anymore, but didn’t know if anything could be done about them.”

Due to the state of Georgia’s fillings, Dr. Whitman was able to remove the original filling material and put tooth-colored fillings in their place. This gave Georgia’s smile a more cohesive appearance, as the fillings matched her natural teeth and were invisible in her mouth.

Georgia and Dr. Whitman decided on dental implants to restore her missing teeth. Now, her smile is stronger and looks healthier, and Georgia says she can smile confidently again. “Even with the restorations, I didn’t imagine my smile could look this good!”

Dental Implants

For lost teeth, there is no better replacement than dental implants. While dentures or dental bridges are adequate, only implants are permanent and replace the root of the tooth in addition to the crown. That means that the bone structure is maintained throughout the jaw, which prevents sunken cheeks and facial weakness around the mouth.

Dental Bridges & Crowns

A dental bridge can replace one missing tooth or a few missing teeth that are in a row. Unlike a denture, a bridge is not removable. It works by being anchored to the two teeth that are on either side of the gap caused by missing teeth. The missing teeth are replaced with crowns or false teeth, and the entire bridge is cemented in place. /p>

Tooth Colored Fillings

White or tooth colored fillings match your teeth, but their benefits are more than just cosmetic. The resin material bonds better to your teeth than metal fillings do, and tooth colored fillings do not cause the pain that metal fillings can when coming in contact with metal utensils. Tooth colored fillings are also mercury-free.

Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

When wisdom teeth or other teeth are doing more harm than good, it is best to have them removed. Wisdom teeth are especially problematic for many people. Extraction is not necessary if your wisdom teeth are properly aligned, but very often, they crowd other teeth or they can’t fit between teeth correctly and come in angled or even horizontal. If extraction is recommended, having them removed at an earlier age usually means a less complicated extraction.

Root Canals

Root canal can save a tooth that is in danger of being lost or needing extraction. Root canal is a comfortable procedure, thanks to modern technology. During root canal, the tooth is cleared of decay on the inside and restored from the inside out.

Dentures & Partials

For missing teeth, dentures and partials are the most economic option. Well-fitting dentures can restore your self-confidence, the ability to eat a variety of foods, and your smile.