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Dentures and partial dentures can provide relatively quick and economical treatment options for patients.

Partial and full dentures in Leesburg VA

Dentures and partial dentures can provide relatively quick and economical treatment options for patients.

When you need teeth replaced, you have many choices today. Although implants are the closest thing to natural teeth because they are permanent, dentures and partial dentures are still a perfectly good choice for many people. And it is definitely better to wear dentures or a partial than to have missing teeth.

The biggest advantage to dentures and partials over other types of tooth replacements is that they are the most economical choice for up-front cost. The process of being fitted for and getting dentures is also relatively fast compared to other tooth replacement options. Dentures can last for many years with proper care. Partial dentures can replace teeth that are consecutive or separated by remaining natural teeth.

A partial is constructed of artificial teeth and a framework. A single missing tooth can also be replaced with a partial. Some partials have a pink or gum-colored frame, while others have a metal framework. Full dentures consist of an arch, upper or lower, that contains a complete row of artificial teeth attached to a pink framework that covers the gums. An upper denture usually covers a portion of the roof the mouth as well. This can be adjusted for optimum comfort in your mouth. Upper dentures are held in place by suction, whereas lower dentures are held in place only by gravity. This is why many denture wearers use denture adhesive for extra hold and security, and to block out food particles from getting caught between the dentures and gums.

“I can’t believe I lived this long with missing teeth. Dr. Whitman made getting partials for my missing lower teeth so simple, I wish I’d done it years ago!”

— Annetta, Purcellville, VA

Annetta had to have a few of her lower teeth pulled as the result of decay over a decade ago. Although she meant to replace her teeth, she never got around to it. “I had a very busy teaching career, and never kept my appointments to do anything with the missing teeth. I just got used to not having them there.”

Now retired, Annetta finally made time to fill the gaps in her smile with Dr. Whitman at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. “Dr. Whitman was a pleasure to work with. Partials were the best choice for me, and the impressions and fitting session were simple and painless.”

Even though she waited so long to restore her missing teeth, Annetta says her partials have changed her life for the better. “Chewing is easier, and I’m no longer worried about laughing or smiling in public. Dr. Whitman and her staff will be seeing more of me!”

The process of getting dentures or a partial denture consists of a consultation and exam with Dr. Whitman, followed by appointments for fittings.

Dentures can be made in many different shades of “white.” Dr. Whitman can help you choose a shade. After your dentures have been designed, the final step is the construction of them in a lab. When you receive your dentures, they may feel bulky and uncomfortable at first. It may take some time to get used to eating and speaking with them. But once you are accustomed to them being in your mouth, you should be able to eat food you were perhaps not able to before. Your speech should improve even more quickly. You will have a few follow-up appointments with Dr. Whitman for a check on the dentures and adjustments if necessary.

Dentures and partials should be removed daily for cleaning. Questions pertaining to cleaning methods, use of adhesives, and a daily schedule for wearing dentures can be discussed with Dr. Whitman. For many denture wearers, personal preferences, such as whether or not to use adhesive, carry a great deal of weight in these decisions.

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