Sedation Dentistry

Suffer from fear of the dentist or dental anxiety? Haven’t been to the dentist in years? You’ve come to the right place.

sedation dentistry for dental anxiety in Leesburg VA

Suffer from fear of the dentist or dental anxiety? Haven’t been to the dentist in years? You’ve come to the right place.

Our goal at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is to eliminate fear of the dentist so that everyone will make routine dental care a part of their lives. Fear of the dentist or dental anxiety is common, and no one should be embarrassed about it. Dr. Whitman and her staff will not be offended if you admit you get anxious about dental visits. In fact, it is because we know how common dental anxiety is that we offer a solution.

Sedation dentistry includes different levels of sedation.

General anesthesia that puts you to sleep is reserved for dental surgery, extractions and other complex procedures. Sedation is milder. It calms you and can reduce physical discomfort, but it allows you to remain awake during a procedure. Sedation can make a tremendous difference for someone who gets nervous even during simple procedures or short office visits.

The most common type of sedation used in dentistry is nitrous oxide, known casually as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is breathed in through the nose, and Dr. Whitman continuously monitors the dosage throughout a procedure. The best thing about nitrous oxide is that it wears off quickly. When nitrous oxide is your choice for sedation dentistry, you will usually not need someone to drive you home after your appointment. Other types of dental sedation include oral medications and intravenous medications. Sometimes two types may be combined.

The type of sedation you use can be decided on between you and Dr. Whitman and will depend on the procedure you are to have, your personal desire for sedation and your health.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Here some of the most frequently asked questions people have about sedation dentistry:

Can I just be put to sleep for all of my dental procedures?

For most procedures, you need to be awake and alert to answer questions. Nitrous
oxide works very well at putting you in a very relaxed state while still allowing you
to be awake. It also wears off quickly, but using general anesthesia would require
recovery time before you could leave the office.

Do I need to check with my doctor before having a sedation dentistry service?

If you taken any prescription medications or have health conditions, then yes, you should check with your medical doctor first. In some cases, we may need to get clearance from your doctor before we can administer any form of sedative.

Can I have a mild sedative just for a checkup or X-rays?

Yes you can. We offer sedation dentistry for these services because we want every patient to be as comfortable as possible every time they visit our office.

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